Elderly Animals: The Emotion Behind Their Eyes 0

Animals have feelings, too. That’s something I’ve always believed in, having grown up in an environment and in a family that loves animals. And Isa Leshko has managed to capture this simple, little truth in her photography projected called “Elderly Animals.”

Isa traveled far and wide to visit and photograph elderly animals or those that were nearing the end of their (hopefully happy) lives. She reveals that she began the series after spending a year caring for her mother who was suffering from Alzheimer’s.

And Isa doesn’t just find her subject and snap away. Rather, she develops a bond with the creature first by visiting them and sometimes spending hours with them. Of the series, she notes:

I am creating these photographs to gain a deeper understanding about what it means to be mortal and to exorcise my fears of aging. I have come to realize that these images are self-portraits, or at the very least, they are manifestations of my fears and hopes about what I will be like when I am old. My intention is to take an honest and unflinching look at old age and I want these images to inspire others to become aware of and to engage with their own attitudes toward aging and mortality.

The beauty in simple things is truly mesmerizing, much like Alexander Harding’s “Visible Light.”

[Isa Leshko via Peta Pixel]