Edits Quarterly: ‘The most beautiful online magazine’ 0

With the advent of social networking sites like Facebook together with apps like Instagram, sharing and viewing photographs has become much easier. Even niche websites like PixelPeers and Blinq have been created, catering to those photographers who want a dedicated social network for sharing their work.

And to keep up with all the new trends and tastes in viewing photography, Edits Quarterly, an online photography magazine, has created a site that is downright easy to use. Even the guys at Gizmodo think that it’s “the most beautiful online magazine we’ve ever seen.”

One of the reasons for this is that you need only use the arrow keys on your keyboard to browse the different pages of Edits magazine, giving you the feeling that you’re not using a computer at all — it’s just you and the content.

Another is the fact that Edits doesn’t use flash to run the site, making it a lot less CPU intensive and eliminating the need for separate smartphone and tablet apps, or even a mobile version of the site.

Go ahead, visit Edits Quarterly and tell us about your experience. Do you agree with Gizmodo that it’s the most beautiful online magazine?