Edit Photos on Your Android Device with Photoshop Touch 0

Android tablet owners no longer have to feel neglected over the lack of savvy photo editing applications for their device. The release of Photoshop Touch from Adobe gives you the opportunity to access a full suite of editing tools on your Droid device.

Standout features include photo adjustment tools such as shadowing, highlights, auto fix, color replacement, saturation and curves. Use your fingertips to extract elements of photos or refine elements. The app also provides support for layers. Users also have the ability to sync project files from Photoshop Touch with the Adobe Creative Cloud program. Extras include the integration of Google Image Search, Facebook uploading capabilities, and sample images with step by step tutorials on how to create the same effect.

Major drawback of Photoshop Touch? Maximum image resolution for editing is 1600 x1600 pixels. Also, manipulating the commands and tools using only your fingertips can prove tricky. Investing in a stylus for use with the application will definitely reduce your aggravation level.

Purchase Photoshop Touch through the Market on your Droid tablet. Your device must have at least the 3.1 update and have internet access for operation. Cost for the Photoshop Touch download is currently $9.99. The price may seem a little steep when you compare it to other apps, but is a bargain when you consider the price of most photo editing software packages including the recent option from Adobe to pay a subscription price for Adobe Creative Suite.