Edit iPhone Photos In Seconds 0

Imagine you are on vacation in a tropical paradise and while sitting at a table you notice a monkey drinking from your friend’s drink. You pull out your iPhone to snap a photo, but just as you do another tourist walks into the shot and becomes a giant blur in the background.

With just the touch of your finger you can remove the tourist from your photo allowing you to instantly share it.

TouchRetouch is photo editing app now available for iPhone, iPod Touch or Andriod. With this app you can mark the objects you want to remove and then hit “Go,” and just like that, wine bottles are removed from the back of the family photo, or an intrusive car is deleted in seconds.

Not only can you delete unwanted objects from photos, you can use TouchRetouch to make entertaining photos or your yourself or friends. Removing the chairs from under someone or drinks from their hands can be done with just one touch.

I love that TouchRetouch has the potential to inexpensively save photos in seconds. It’s great for people who don’t necessarily have photo editing skills but still want great photos.