DSLR Video Microphone Kit 0

DSLR quality is becoming fantastic these days, and it’s only going get better. However, advances in the sound and microphone quality of your camera are coming along more in baby steps than in leaps and bounds… But with a bit of help, you can really make the most out of your unit, and this type of gadget really is the business in that regard. The Que Audio DSLR Video Microphone Kit is a fully accessorized kit surrounding it’s shotgun brand Microphone. Everything in the kit is created to give you ease of use, protection and great quality sound. Especially by cutting down on vibration, wind interference, and microphone blockage.

Que Audio DSLR-Video Microphone Kit

It looks pretty sweet too..


Hopefully in the near future, DSLR’s will start to come with better audio and microphone fixtures as standard.  Until then, however, these sort of kits can really help. Also coming in at about $299, it doesn’t break the bank much either… And it gets a nice review from Digital Pro here.. Worth checking out.

[Que Audio]