driSuit – A Scuba Suit for your iPhone 0

Last week we reviewed the TAT7 iPhone case, which is a very cool underwater case. While it got an overall good review, there was one slight issue with not being able to access the touch screen easily or be able to lock it when not in use. This may not be an issue for some, but for those who see it as an issue: don’t worry! There are other alternatives out there, and one of them is the iPhone Scuba Suit – also called the driSuit.

Naturally there is going to be hesitation when it comes to submerging your phone underwater. You need to really know that the case is 100% waterproof. Now, I have not personally tried out this case, so I cannot speak from experience. However I did look up reviews and the Scuba Case appears to be legit. Each case is factory tested to make sure its safe.  I would like to clarify that slipping your iPhone in this case does NOT mean you can go scuba diving with it. The case waterproofs your phone up to depths of 15 feet, maximum.  So this case is perfect for a day at the beach, pool, or any shallow water outing.  It also does a great job at protecting your phone from sand.

The best part about the phone is the case’s screen. It is actually a gel screen that is touch-sensitive; so all the controls you need to take those underwater shots are much easier to access. The lens cover is optical-grade quality to maintain the clarity and quality of the photos you take. The case also has a waterproof headphone jack, so if you actually have waterproof headphones, you could listen to your music while in the water!

The Scuba Suit fits the iPhone 4/4S. It can be purchased on Photojojo at the nice price of $60.