Dolli Concept Camera Wants Your Kid To Explore The World Through A Camera Lens 0

The Dolli Concept Camera, which is designed by Su Young Kim, is a concept product that aims to give little children a modern way of knowing the outside world.

Inspired by the magnifying glass, the Dolli is a simple point-and-shoot camera with a handle at the bottom. It features a 4-inch touchscreen display, a connector to link with computer, and an easy to grip handle with shot button.

To turn on the camera, the kids will only have to rotate down the handle. And to shut it down, all they have to do is bring the handle back to its original placement.

dolli dolli2

If your kid decides to take photos of insects, the Dolli packs an encyclopedia of insects that shows information of the bug captured by the camera. Plus, it also has an alert system for bugs that are dangerous.


I know that you’ve already noticed the Samsung brand on the camera. But there’s no further information if this is a Samsung project. Maybe the designer just decided to use the popular gadget moniker.

[Yanko Design]