DIY: Stabilize Your Camera With A Bag Of Lentils 0

Hello again TogTech DIYers! Here’s another fun and easy project that you can do this weekend. We all know how important it is to steady your camera during shoots, that’s why the folks at Digital Camera World have created a very cheap way of reducing camera shake with a bag of lentils. Yes, you’ve read that right, a bag of lentils.

Using just the midsection of an old pair of jeans, you can create your own beanbag that your camera lens can rest on. This beanbag is very handy during traveling, where you can put it inside the small compartment of your car. Its “V” shape form makes the bag easy to mount over the car door, so no more elbows!

I know there are some really nice commercially produced beanbags out there, but this one will only cost you close to nothing.

Before getting down and sewing, you need to have a pair of jeans that you don’t wear anymore, make sure that the zipper is still working. You also need a sewing machine, and a lot of ordinary lentils.

If you’re ready, hit the source link and follow the quick step by step procedure, complete with visuals for easy reference.

[Digital Camera World via Lifehacker]