DIY Rechargeable Battery Power Pack 0

Hello DIYers, here’s another easy DIY project for you to take on: the car-inverter-based power pack.

On, photographer Ron Uriel recently shared how he made his own DIY battery pack that he uses for event and on-location photography.

Uriel created the rechargeable battery pack as a cheap alternative to the power grids and expensive battery packs on the market.

The battery pack is made out of a 12V battery and a power inverter. Uriel used a 7AH Sealed lead Acid (SLA) battery, which you can buy for less than $20. In order to invert the 12V into 110V or 220V AC, he purchased an inverter that is usually use when camping. The inverter is available on Amazon for around $20 to $30.

Finally, to hold the two devices together Uriel used heavy duty ring tubular terminals and a pair of Bungee balls.

This rig is very useful if you’re an event photographer. Hit the source link below to find out how you can easily create one for yourself.