DIY: Create Mini Tripod Using Disposable Razors 0

If you think the antennae and lego camera tripod was unconventional, wait till you read this post on how to build a mini camera tripod using some disposable razors.

Instructables user Jawasan is one of those camera lovers who don’t want to spend some money on commercial tripods. Instead, the DIYer concocts an idea out from a grooming accessory that we use everyday.


If you’re not at allĀ embarrassĀ in using a tripod with razors as its legs, then go grab three disposable razors, 1/2-inch wood, adhesives, 1/4-inch bolt (around 1 1/2-inch long), some washers and spacers.


For this project, you may need to use a power drill and jig saw to customize the piece of wood in order to attach everything. If not, you’ll just have to think of alternative ways on how to attach the razors on the wood.

To get started with this DIY project, read the full visual how-to guide here.