DIY: Create ‘Craft Camera’ Using Only Cardboard And Open Source Microcontroller 0

For those photo enthusiasts who’ve been wanting to experience creating their own digital camera from scratch, Coralie Gourguechon’s Craft Camera could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for all this time.


The DIY camera kit will not actually teach you how to assemble a shooter similar to Nikon or Canon, but it will give you the chance to make one out of cardboard just like the IKEA Cardboard Digital Camera.


To start building the camera, you only need to get the cardboard camera case pattern and the Arduino single-board microcontroller for its electronic system. Basically, all elements of the device are open source.


According to Gourguechon, the main purpose of the Craft Camera is to “counter planned obsolescence and complexity of electronic products.”

All photos taken by the Craft Camera are stored in a memory card and can be viewed on a computer.

To get started, hit the source link below for more info and list of complete materials.

[Craft Camera via Mocoloco]