DIY: Create A Cheap Bounce Wall Using Only A Cardboard and Clothes Hanger 0

The good folks at Lighting Academy has recently shared their own version of the Bounce-Wall, a camera accessory created by Sunbounce and also reviewed in detail by David Hobby of Strobist.

The bounce wall is basically a panel that you can mount on your camera so that you can bounce off your camera’s flash. This equipment is intended to be used when you don’t have a wall nearby or when you’re out in an open field.

While the original version will cost you around $99.00, the DIY model will only cost about 99 cents.

Before creating the bounce wall, you need first a piece of cardboard, old wire clothes hanger, tripod screw, clothespin, and aluminum foil.

Once you have all the materials, you can hit the source link and follow the instructions.

And, by the way, it’s written in German, but you can easily follow the visual step by step guide. Or if you’re using Google Chrome, just hit the “Translate” button.

[Lighting Academy via PetaPixel]