DIY: Create A 19-Inch Pocket Tripod Using Lego Parts 0

Hello TogTech DIYers! I will present to you the first DIY camera project that we are going to build for the year 2013: the Pocket Tripod.

Instructables user Searx has shared a nice camera accessory tutorial that he calls the Pocket Tripod, which is made mainly from a couple of Lego parts and three antennae pieces.


Depending on the antennae that you are going to use, the tripod can extend to a maximum height of up to 19 inches. According to Searx, the tripod can withstand the weight of up to 600 grams.

With its maximum allowed weight, the home-made tripod is only designed to carry the weight of a small compact digital camera.

Before you get your hands busy, collect these materials first:

Lego Parts:

  • Two (2) pieces: 3×4 plate with connection brackets and 1×4 plate with opposite connections



Non-Lego Parts:

  • Three (3) pieces: Antennae (you can used some spare ones from old remote controls)
  • One (1) piece: Bolt that can screw into the camera to hold it into place
  • One (1) piece: Metal used for structural stability (optional)
  • One (1) piece: Metal or dime for twisting the bolt to tighten the camera attachment

After gathering all the parts, hit the source link below to get started in building your Pocket Tripod.

[Instructables via Gizmodo]