DIY Binder Clip Smartphone Tripod 0

Sometimes do-it-yourself projects are meant to save you a boatload of money; the $30 DIY Wifi Transmitter for the Nikon D4 comes out a whopping $847 cheaper than Nikon’s own WT-5 Wireless Transmitter. You could argue that it doesn’t work as well, but the difference definitely isn’t worth almost $850.

On the other hand, sometimes DIY projects aren’t meant to save you money at all, but rather get you through in a bind. Enter two binder clips (pun intended) and a desire to attach your smartphone to your tripod.

It turns out that’s all you need to attach an iPhone to a standard tripod. Check out the tutorial and if you happen to give this a shot yourself let us know how well it worked in the comments down below.

[Imgur via Lifehacker]