Digimo Camera Concept Makes Taking Creative Shots Easy 0

Ever flipped through a magazine and spotted a photo in an ad that looks so awesomely cool, that you just can’t help but wonder how the photographer managed to take the shot? You know the type of image I’m taking about: they’re the ones that look so spontaneous and well-composed or the ones that are able to really¬†capture the action as it happens. Aside from that, they’re also the ones that look like they required a whole lot of effort or fancy equipment to shoot.

And that’s where the Digino Camera Concept comes in.

DigiMo Camera Concept

The DigiMo’s goal is simple: make it easy for the user (that’s you) to take quality shots that you normally won’t be able to do with your digital camera. It’s a modular set of cameras with several attachments and connecting rods that let you set up the camera in any angle or position.

Like the MMI Cam, it’s also controlled remotely, so you can view what you’re going to be shooting before you actually take a photo or a video.

DigiMo Camera Concept

And if you’re a huge nature buff, then you can also use the Digimo to take awesome nature shots without scaring away or disturbing your subjects.

The whole Digimo camera platform is still a concept design for now, but I hope a manufacturer out there sees the potential in this thing so that it will eventually become a reality.

[Yanko Design]