Customs Bust: Smuggled Camera Gear Worth $60+ Million, Seized 0

News that has something to do with China usually comes on a massive scale. The country’s population, the growth of their economy, and even the worth of goods that people are smuggling into the country.

Sometime last week, camera gear worth $63.5 million was seized by Chinese customs officials. Aside from intercepting the goods, authorities also nabbed fourteen suspects who were connected with the illegal transporting activities.

Camera Gear Smuggled

The officers in Gongbei Customs, Zhuhai City, said that the smuggling ring had already transported an estimated 60,204 cameras, 13,623 lenses, 483 flashes, 1,025 video cameras, and 348 projectors from Hong Kong to Guangdong in the first two months of this year.

Bypassing the proper importation channels allows the smugglers to sell their wares without having to deal with customs costs. That, coupled with the fact that cameras and gear cost 20 to 30 percent less in Hong Kong than China, makes this commodity even more appealing for the country’s grey market.

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