Customized GoPro Hero3 Sees Action In ‘Transformers 4’ 0

Last February, we featured View Factor’s Novo Digital Camera, a modified GoPro Hero3 that’s capable of accepting any C-Mount lens. And now, we’ve discovered that the small action camera was used in filming some sequences in the upcoming sequel of the Transformers movie franchise.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Radiant Images co-founder Michael Mansouri revealed that aside from Transformers 4, other movies that utilized the Novo camera includes Arnold Schwarzenneger’s “Ten” and Scott Waugh’s “Need for Speed”.


To recap, the Novo Digital Camera features a thinner, lightweight aluminum case, adjustable back focus ring, and multiple mounting points. Through the lens, users can manually adjust aperture. You can assign different settings to the front buttons depending on your needs.


Radiant, a partner of View Factor, is the company facilitating the rental of the Novo cameras, which is $250 daily and $750 weekly.

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