Custom SLR Announces the Launch of the M-Plate 0

Having universal controllers and mounts becomes extra useful and valuable when you use different kinds of cameras regularly. Since these accessories are made to be universally compatible with various camera models regardless of the manufacturer, the need to purchase model-specific mounts or remotes is eliminated.

This includes the highly-praised Triggertrap, a universal camera trigger, and Custom SLR’s new M-Plate, a universal camera tripod plate. The M-Plate is touted as the world’s first universal tripod plate, offering built-in Manfrotto RC2 and Arca-Swiss connections and attachment points for accessories.

Custom SLR M-Plate

The M-Plate is forged from aerospace grade aluminum, and can work with a number of camera strap systems including the Custom SLR C-Loop strap mount, BlackRapid, Spider Holster, Sun Sniper, and Cotton Carrier. The universal tripod plate is the product of a project posted on Kickstarter, and required the support of more than 400 backers to turn it into a reality.

“While connecting with real photographers that use the C-Loop, we heard over and over that they also wanted something to connect with their tripod. That was the inspiration for the M-Plate but what grew from that inspiration is a system that will work with any strap system and any tripod – improving the shooting experience for all photographers.”

— Ivan Wong, Chief Operations Officer, Custom SLR

The M-Plate can be ordered online from Custom SLR’s website for $74.95.

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