Create Some Steam With USB Camera Lens Humidifier For Photographers 0

For those looking for the right complement to the giant Nikon lens lamp that we’ve featured last month, you might want to take a look at the USB Camera Lens Humidifier. However, you might want to reconsider the offer if you’re a Nikon fan, because it resembles a Canon DSLR camera lens.

usb-camera-lens-humidifier-1 usb-camera-lens-humidifier-2

Anyway, the unconventional gadget works like any normal humidifier. It can be powered through your computer via a USB cable. It generates steam by utilizing safe ultrasonic waves.

usb-camera-lens-humidifier-4 usb-camera-lens-humidifier-5

If you want some extra moisture while processing your photos on your computer, you can get the USB Camera Lens Humidifier for $25 at Brando.