Create Real-Life GIF Animation With GIFTY Polaroid Camera 0

Lately, everyone is buzzing about the announcement made by GIF creator Steve Wilhite on how to properly pronounce the popular image format. Do you agree with Wilhite, or you’d like to stick with “gift” instead of “jif”?

Whichever you choose, here’s something that’ll take your mind off the topic, for a while. Introducing, the GIFTY Polaroid Camera.

Basically, it’s a camera that takes burst shots of any movement, and then instantly prints Polaroid-like shots using a “Zero-Ink” printer. Afterward, you can cut each frame and compile all photos in a small book/album. And then you can manually flip the book to create a short animation.


It’s like holding a GIF animation in your hands, something that you can manually play over and over again, even without a modern device.


Unfortunately, the GIFTY Polaroid Camera is only a concept product. A thesis project by designer Jiho Jang. But amazing, nonetheless.

What do you think, would you like to fund such a project if ever it becomes live on Kickstarter?

[Yanko Design]