Cosina announces 75mm f1.8 and 28mm f2.8 Voigtländer SLR lenses 0

At the recently concluded CP+ imaging show in Yokohama, Japan, Cosina unveiled two new Voigtländer lenses: the 75mm f1.8 Heliar Classic and 28mm f2.8 Color Skopar pancake lens.

The new 75mm SL II lens, which is an SLR version of the Leica M-mount lens, features a housing specifically designed for Nikon and Canon SLR cameras.

Tthe 28mm SL II pancake lens looks the same in appearance with that of the 40mm f2 lens. It is also available in Nikon and Canon mount.

The pricing and availability of the Voigtländer Color Skopar 28/2.8 SL II N and Voigtländer Heliar Classic 75/1.8 SL II N lenses are yet to be announced.

With Sony reportedly increasing their camera lens prices this coming April, I wonder if Cosina will release these two new Voigtländer lenses with a slightly higher price tag. We’ll find out soon.

[Nikonrumors, Images: DC Watch]