Conurus partners with Metabones to create world’s first electronic ‘Smart Adapter’ for Canon lens to Sony NEX cameras 0

Almost a month ago, I reported about the new firmware update released by Sony to its NEX E-mount cameras for compatibility with the LA-EA2 lens adapter.

Today, Conurus, a Canadian lens interface experts, joined forces with Sino-Japanese adapter company Metabones to introduce the world’s first smart adapter that allows Canon lenses to electronically interface with Sony NEX cameras.

With the Smart Adapter, NEX owners can now mount a Canon EF lens and control aperture, image stabilization, and EXIF directly from the Sony camera.

The smart adapter will be marketed by Conurus under the Metabones label and is priced at US$399. If you’re interested to try this, you can order the Smart Adapter directly at . estimates the adapter’s availability by January 21, 2012.