Control Your GoPro With A Pair Of Gloves 0

Blue Infusion Technologies is giving GoPro owners a new way to control their action cameras. With their BearTek Gloves, you can now remotely access and control your GoPro with a tap of your fingers, making sure that you won’t have to ask this question again: “Is it on?”

The protective gloves are designed to be durable and give its owners the flexibility they need when doing extreme stunts, while at the same time providing warmth and protection from the elements.

Aside from GoPro units, the BearTek Gloves are also compatible with other gadgets like a smartphone using the Bluetooth sync module.

Watch more BearTek videos here.

Here are some basic specs of the BearTek gloves:

  • Wireless control of music, phone and action camera (GoPro┬« camera)
  • Removable/interchangeable sync modules
  • Up to 80 hour battery life (rechargeable)
  • Premium leather glove outer with internal lining for extra warmth
  • Light-weight/low profile construction for everyday use

The BearTek Snowsport Glove kits will cost $250, the Motorcycle Glove kit for $275, and the Winter Classic Glove kit for $225. All kits already include either a GoPro or Bluetooth sync module.