Connect to Strangers Around the World with iPhone App 0

Just because you graduated elementary school doesn’t mean you have to forget about pen pals. A new iPhone app called Wander allows us to communicate with people living all over the world through the use of Instagram and daily missions.

Wander allows users to choose  a “guide” after creating a profile. Once the user accepts a guide, they are connected for one week. During that week the two “pen pals” participate in photo-based missions.

Want to start learning about someone living in Lima, Peru? You can download the iPhone app for free and begin missions as soon as you accept a guide. Some of the missions may include taking photos of what you eat for dinner, how you get to work, or where you buy your groceries.

Don’t worry if you don’t speak Thai (or aren’t bilingual), there is a built in translation feature that will allow you to begin learning about someone else’s life without having to buy Rosetta Stone–or a plane ticket.

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