Concept Camera That Lets Your Hands do the Framing 0

In the past year we’ve seen some pretty amazing concept products in the world of cameras, but this particular concept takes the innovative cake. Researchers at the Japanese Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences have developed a camera without a viewfinder – instead they let your hands do the work.

The camera fits over your index finger and, using your thumbs and index fingers, you frame the scene, and the camera does the rest. The amount of zoom is determined by a sensor which detects how far from your face the camera is (farther away = more zoom; closer = wide angle) and your shutter release is set where your thumb rests against the camera.

As of right now the new technology can only work if it’s connected up to a computer, which doesn’t make it the most practical camera in the world, but the implications of this kind of technology make you wonder if we’re not seeing the future of point and shoot cameras. Of course at that point they may be called “frame and shoot.”

But what do you think? If this product was available at your local electronics store next week, would you give it a shot? Let us know in the comments down below.

[Gizmodo via DVice via The Verge]