Coming Soon: Smartphones with 3D Video Technology 0

Thanks to some fancy science done at MIT, consumers everywhere may soon be able to shoot in 3D from the convenience of their smartphone. Homemade movies will no longer be watched in boring and flat dimensions, but instead, baby’s first steps, baseball games, and “hi, Grandma” shorts can be seen in 3D.

Drawing inspiration from Microsoft’s Kinect videogame technology and time of flight, Vivek Goyal, associate professor in electrical engineering, and his group of students at MIT, have been working to advance and perfect forms of the technology. The goal is for 3D video capabilities to come standard on smartphones, with little additional costs.

“3D acquisition has become a really hot topic,” Goyal said. “In consumer electronics, people are very interested in 3D for immersive communication, but then they’re also interested in 3D for human-computer interaction.”

How does it work?

Three dimensional pictures are much more advanced than 3D video due to camera resolutions, time frame, and changes to lighting. To help combat these problems, the research group uses timed lighting tricks and algorithms to reproduce an image from multiple angles.

If the MIT research has anything to say about it, it will only be a matter of time until recreated family moments are captured with high quality and three-dimensional cameras.

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Photo courtesy of alikins.