Color Temperature Cheat Sheet 0

In addition to the previous Manual Photography Cheat Sheet that we posted last January, here’s another cheat sheet that is worthy of your perusal. This time, it’s about color temperature management. If you’re still starting out as a professional photographer, understanding the temperature of color is very important.

Fortunately, to make our photography lives much easier, Digital Camera World recently posted one of their latest infographics entitled “Explained Colour Temperature Scale”. In the cheat sheet, the color temperature scale, which, by the way, are shown in Kelvin, is illustrated to show what white balance settings you should use to get the right colors in various conditions.

Over at Wikipedia, a list of different light sources are outlined below:

  • 1,700 K – Match flame
  • 1,850 K – Candle flame, sunset/sunrise
  • 2,700–3,300 K – Incandescent light bulb
  • 3,000 K – Soft White compact fluorescent light bulb
  • 3,200 K – Studio lamps, photofloods, etc.
  • 3,350 K – Studio “CP” light
  • 4,100–4,150 K – Moonlight,[2] xenon arc lamp
  • 5,000 K – Horizon daylight
  • 5,000 K – Fluorescent light tubes or Cool White/Daylight compact fluorescent light bulb
  • 5,500–6,000 K – Vertical daylight, electronic flash
  • 6,500 K – Daylight, overcast
  • 6,500–9,300 K – LCD or CRT screen

As a reference, you can save the above cheat sheet. Simply right-click the image and set as desktop background or just save it in your computer.

[Digital Camera World via PetaPixel via Gizmodo]