Coaches Eye: “Ultimate” Coaching App 0

Every so often, one comes across a Smartphone App that is almost mind boggling when one tries to come to terms with what it actually does, only to later realize that this might actually have a purpose worthy of an App marketing campaign. According to a number of reviews/press releases, because this App costs a mind-blowing $.99, and software for Sports Analysis can reach anything up to $3000, you are saving anything up to $2999.01 on your Sports Analysis Software… Now, even without needing this software in the first place, you would be crazy to avoid those savings.

Crazy Savings

Dangerous Savings Possibilities Here!

The thing with Sports Analysis is… You need a camera, a playback function, a means to highlight specific areas on the images/video, a means to slowly jog the video backwards and forwards etc… So basically, you need all the functionality that an iPhone can give you, except generally you need a bigger screen.  We can forgive that for saving three large bones n the costs. Add some Sports theory, some oranges, don’t forget to waterproof your iPhone, and you’re on the way to being the unstoppable, all weather, tech savvy coach.