CNET Asia Reviews The Capture Camera Clip System 0

Last May, we featured the cool and innovative camera clip system from Peak Design, and how it can help you do away with putting some dangling neck straps on your beloved DSLR camera. At the Photokina 2012 event, the guys from CNET Asia stumbled at Peak Design’s booth and had the chance to try the Capture Clip System firsthand.

If you’ve read our previous post about the camera accessory, then you already know that it’s basically a clip system consisting of a quick release plate where you can slip your camera on using its own Arca-type and Manfrotto RC2 compatible tripod mount. Using the clip, you can already attach your camera on any bag strap or belt.

Here’s what CNET Asia thinks of the Capture:

We liked that there were no straps that got in the way or a heavy weight hanging off our necks–very important if you’re going to be out all day shooting. Also, we realized that once your dSLR body is secured in the clip, we could easily change lenses on the fly without having to juggle with multiple pieces of gear.

Overall, we think the Capture system may appeal to active photographers–the kind that need their hands free but still have full access to camera gear at a moment’s notice.

If you’d like to try this on your next gig, you can grab the Capture Camera Clip System for around $80.

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