Client Proofing Tool PhotoBiz Creates New App 0

With so many proofing and photography apps to choose from, how does anyone decide on just one?

Gadgets and Technology News suggests Photobiz as an innovative leader in the photographic and web industry that has just released a new free iPad app for you and your clients to use simultaneously.

PhotoBizProofing is a great way to beef up your photography business and foster communication with clients by allowing easy access to your work through dual login. Clients can leave image comments and editing requests while narrowing down photo selections.  If you’re new to Photobiz, you can purchase the proofing tool and it now comes equipped with the customizable app.

If you’re already using PhotoBizProofing  you can now show off your work or present an album from your iPad by downloading this  free app from iTunes.

One downside is that it’s not compatible with iPhone yet, so those of you iPhone-loyal, will have to hold tight.