Cinetics Announces New Camera Mount With Vise Grips 0

Cinetics has recently unveiled a new camera mount called CineVise. The camera accessory is similar to last year’s CineSquid, but instead of suction cups found at the end of its tripod, it’s equipped with three vise grips that allows you to clamped it to any surface.


According to its official product page: “CineVise turns your DSLR or digital camcorder into a pro-style rig, allowing you to clamp down securely where a normal tripod just won’t do the trick.”


The tripod that the CineVise is using are still made from the GorillaPod Focus, which also includes the Ballhead X for mounting any camera on top of it.

If you already have the GorillaPod and Ballhead X, then you can just get the CineVise grips for $165. If not, then you can purchase the whole system for $295.

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