Charm The Photographer on Your Gift List 0

Buying a gift for a photography inclined friend (or significant other, or relative) can be a real pain in the you-know-where because chances are what they would love to have is either way out of your budget or they already own it.  An easy solution would be just to get a gift card to their favorite camera gear store. But sometimes giving a gift card seems so impersonal, don’t you think? For the receiver, it’s probably not an issue at all, because hey, they can buy whatever they want, and who doesn’t like that!?  For the giver, however, more often than not they would really prefer to give something the put some actual thought into.

You know you’re a photo geek when camera-related accessories and camera-themed things make you giggle with delight.  I was recently given a gift that made me giggle in such a manner: a USB Film Roll! These cuties are made from old film canisters and hold 4GB worth of photos. These also make for a very clever way of delivering photos to a client. You could even personalize it a bit further and write the client’s name with a Sharpie on the “Notes” section on the film can.  I would love to deliver images like that!

You can get them at the Photojojo store for $20 each, where you can always count on finding random neatos that tickle your inner photo geek!