Charge Your Camera Wirelessly – Duracell Powermat 0

How would you like to throw your 5D Mark III on a desk and have it charge automatically?  By the time you run out on the next shoot the battery would be showing full power.  With the use of inductive charging this is certainly possible, but this currently comes at the cost of a large charging pack being attached to your gadget, at least before today.  Many phones, for example, have such a pack, but the pack is often the same size as the phone itself.

Duracell Powermat WiCC (Wireless Charging Card) is out to change all this with an insanely thin wafer that allows an existing product to charge inductively. The thin wafter would give new super powers to your camera, and hopefully in the future we’ll see this tech being built into cameras internally.  Wireless 5D Mark IV anyone?  I’m all for a cordless future.


[Engadget] via [Gizmodo]