CEPI Announces “Paper Moments” Photography Competition 0

There’s a lot you can do with paper. You can write on it, print on it, and even fold it up to create papercraft works of art (like the papercraft Polaroid camera). The thing with paper as a medium for art is that you can use it any which way you want to. You won’t go wrong as long as you let your imagination run free and push your creativity to its limit.

In a bid to stress all the ways paper can be used in the arts, the European paper industry association (CEPI) has announced the “Paper Momements” Photography Contest. Anyone can enter, as long as they submit original photographs to the organization’s group on Flickr.

Paper Moments Contest

The entries will be judged by a panel who will look at the composition, originality, interpretation of the brief, and the practical usability of each photograph. The top entry will be awarded €1,500, while second and third placers will get €750 and €500, respectively.

CEPI’s release states:

Throughout times, paper has been all around us, working for us, delivering to us and making our lives easier. It is so much a part of our daily lives that we take it for granted and rarely stop to think about it Yet it communicates symbols, engages our senses, brings cleanliness, comfort and safety and accompanies our every moment. Capture one of these moments and you might win a prize!

The winning entries will be exhibited at the European Paper Week celebration, which will be held in Brussels on November 13 to 15, 2012. The deadline for entries to the competition is May 31st.

Interested? You can head over to the CEPI Photography Competition album on Flickr to enter.

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