Capture One Special Photo With One Memento App 0

With the rising popularity of Instagram and other mobile camera apps, a lot of smartphone users are now using the built-in cameras more than ever. And there’s no denying that a million users upload their photos online every second or every minute. That’s why Robot Corp. created the One Memento iPhone app in order to take things slow.

What if you could only take one more photo. One to share with the world forever. What would you capture?

The iOS app is designed to only take a single shot of photo from its user. It means that when you use the app, you are only given one chance of capturing that one very precious moment. And you can’t cheat your way in by installing another app because it uses Facebook or Twitter as user identification.

However, Robot Corp. was nice enough to include a second chance to those users who are not lucky enough to take that first perfect shot. But you’ll have to wait for a couple of hours before you can retake another picture. After that, there’s no other way of editing or deleting your photo, it will be showcased in a permanent online gallery.

The gallery is reportedly going to only display a total of 250,000 single shot photos.

If you’re interested to join, you can download One Memento app for free on iTunes.