Capture Lytro-Style Images Using Only Your iPhone And $2 App 0

Why spend around $400 for a new Lytro camera when you can experience the same focus-shift technology with your iPhone camera. Well, that’s exactly what mobile app developer Arqball is trying to achieve with FocusTwist, an app that is capable of taking “refocusable” images.

In order to achieve a Lytro-style effect, the app takes multiple shots of a single scene, and at the same time focuses on various objects found in each scene. After the process, you’ll then be able to select different areas of the photo taken by the app. Thus, generating a shift in focus much like an image taken by a Lytro camera.


And just like most camera apps, you can then share your FocusTwist photos to Twitter or at their official website. To see samples of refocusable photos, visit the gallery.

The FocusTwist will only cost you around $2 to get started with “refocusing to your heart’s content.”

However, you do get what you pay for. According to Mashable’s Emily Price:

“At $1.99, the app is a lot less expensive than a Lytro camera, but it’s also less effective. Since the camera is capturing several images to create the effect rather than one, objects tend to move slightly in the finished product when you tap on the screen — not exactly a seamless experience. Using a tripod can help minimize the issue.”

But then again, it’s just a couple of dollars to really experience what focus-shift technology is. What do you think?

[FocusTwist via Mashable]