Capture Camera Clip Keeps DSLRs Secure & Accessible Under Physical Conditions 0

DSLR touting photographers far and wide know what a hassle carrying around their camera can be.  Luckily, many different companies have created products that word towards making the process as painless as possible. Off the top of your head one may be quick to point towards bags and neck straps – two solutions that will provide cameras with a safe nest for transportation. However, while a camera bag may be great for traveling and a neck strap great for more sedentary shoots, what are more active photographers to do? Normally, they may be stuck carefully toting their cameras but thanks to the folks behind the Capture Camera Clip System, there is an easier way.

Thanks to the quick-release plate, all one needs to do is secure the plate to the bottom of their camera and the the clamp to something like a belt buckle or back pack strap. Upon completion, the system provides for a simple and easy to way to holster a DSLR even under active conditions. According to the makers, this clip provides for a very safe and secure lock negating any chances of the camera coming un-clipped.

Whether you’re an active photographer or not, it’s easy to see that the Capture Camera Clip is an accessory that can benefit just about anyone. But, if you’re still not sold, check out the below video of it in action and let us know what you think.