Canon’s Simple Fix To The 5D Mark III Light Leak Hiccup 0

Last month, Canon was briefly in troubled waters when a few of the first owners of the new 5D Mark III reported that the LCD panel on top of the camera “leaked” light when being used in extremely dark areas.

Canon quickly investigated the issue and offered customers a free inspection service starting in the middle of this month.

But for those who have received their 5D Mark III back in the last few days, you might have noticed that Canon already fixed the light leak problem on your camera.

How did Canon solved the issue? founder, Dr. Roger Cicala, dissected one of their freshly delivered 5D Mark III units, and discovered that Canon covered the affected area with the “very cool black tape they used to cover circuit boards.”

Here’s a before and after photo comparison:


After. With a black tape covering the top LCD light.

Now before you celebrate your “aha!” moment and start tinkering with your 5D Mark III, stop. Opening up your Canon camera voids your warranty, so please be patient and wait for the upcoming free inspection service.

In the meantime, stay away from “extremely dark” environments or adjust the required third of a stop manually.