Canon’s Digital Photo Professional Update Dropping Next Week 0

As you’ll undoubtedly already know there is a wealth of photo editing software on the market to choose from. On one end of the spectrum there are expensive (depending on who you ask) applications like Adobe’s Photoshop, and on the other end there are free and open-source alternatives like GIMP. While products like these come equipped with a wide array of features they may be a bit too powerful for some peoples needs.

Luckily, camera companies like Canon have been nice enough to bundle a more focused piece of software called Digital Photo Professional with their DSLR offerings. If you’re not familiar with this software it allows you to not only manage your photo library but it also comes complete with some basic editing features that will allow you to alter contrast, brightness, sharpness, saturation, white balance and more.

If you’ve used DPP (as many Canon DSLR owners have) you’re already aware of its features. What you may not have known, however, is that reports have surfaced saying Canon plans to push out an update for the software by Wednesday, April 18th. Details are a bit slim as of now, but according to our sources the update will include a brand new Lens Optimizer module and improved handling for RAW files from the outfit’s 5D Mark III.

We’ll let you know of a specific release date once the information’s made available.