Canon Powershot SX130IS Currently on Sale for $99.99 at Target 0

According to The Ledger, out of any gadget available this holiday season, the “best buy” may be none other than a digital camera. With so many great cameras available for a couple hundred dollars, anyone can make quality photos and videos.

“There are plenty of good values in the electronics world this buying season. But the best may be in the digital-camera arena,” the report reads.

You are reading this right. Tablets, like the Kindle Fire and iPad, may not give you the kind of bang-for-your-buck that digital cameras give you in 2012. A specific camera was mentioned that beats all the bargains out there right now. It is the Canon Powershot SX130IS 12.1 Megapixel camera

This digital camera usually costs around the $249.99 mark, but it recently went on sale for $99.99 at Target. It is still available at this price before the holiday season is over.

This camera gives you 12X optical zoom, a 4x digital zoom, and a focal range of 28-to-336 mm. That’s not too shabby for a camera in the sub-$300 range, and an incredible bargain if you get your hands on it for $99.99. Think back a couple years in the low quality zoom and resolutions you had to shoot in for a similar price tag.

What makes the Powershot SX130IS rally stand out and such a great bargain is the fact it supports HD resolutions of 720p. Sure you don’t get full 1080p, but for a sub-$400 price tag you can shoot HD-quality footage that is great quality.

The “IS” in the model designation stands for “image stabilization,” something that’s needed when lenses start to zoom into three-digit lengths, according to The Ledger. “It takes movies as well as still pictures, recording them in stereo at 720p HD.”

The Canon Powershot SX130IS is currently available at Target for the discounted price of $99.99. You can grab it online or find retail outlets to pick it up at here. Keep in mind that it is currently on backorder.

If you want a camera for light digital movie shooting and photography, for $99.99 you can’t go wrong with this purchase.