Canon Mirrorless Camera: An Artist’s Concept 6

There’s no denying that the mirrorless camera category is gradually gaining traction in terms of user base. For proof of that growing popularity, one need look not further than Nikon’s recent entry into the market with its Nikon 1 series.

So there was no real surprise when we heard that Canon, presumably Nikon’s biggest rival, is also barging in with its own mirrorless camera.

For now Canon fans can only hold on to rumors, as there’s still no solid confirmation yet from the camera manufacturer.

Instead of waiting, however, Canon fan David Riesenberg took the extra time to create his own visual concept of the much-anticipated mirrorless camera. Take a look at some of his renditions below:

What do you think? Do you agree with Riesenberg’s design or do you have a better concept in mind?