Canon Digital Rebel XTi: Why We Still Like It 0

The Canon Digital Rebel line is among Canon’s most popular offerings, and the classic Canon XTi, which has been in production since 2005, is still a top seller. Although several variations of the Rebel have been released in the past seven years, none of them has commanded the level of praise that the XTi still receives to this day. Perhaps the most compelling reason the XTi continues to sell so well is that it offers both novice and professional photographers a lightweight, sturdy camera that is capable of producing high-quality images without a high price tag. In fact it is often included in¬†DSLR deals¬†offered by retailers around the country, and the XTi can also be picked up used at the price of a decent point and shoot.

The Digital Canon Rebel XTi packs a big punch for such a small, and inexpensive, DSLR. Here are the camera’s basics specs:canon xti

  • 10.1MP CMOS Sensor
  • Produces images that can be printed at up to 18″x24″ without graininess.
  • Features a large, two and a half inch LCD screen.
  • Includes a self-cleaning dust removal function.
  • Writes to Compact Flash memory cards.
  • Has a full range of creative and pre-set camera modes.

Newer versions of the XTi style have added features such as a video camera and increased MP capacity, but the basics have remained the same. I have personally used the XTi to capture most of my images over the past five years, and although some of the upgrades on the newer models are tempting, the reliability of the XTi has kept me from making a change. In fact, if my trusty XTi were to stop working tomorrow, I’d be likely to purchase another XTi in lieu of taking on a higher price tag for a camera that doesn’t have enough new features to justify the price difference. If video is a really important feature for you, though, then you might prefer the T1i instead.

Even those who have the financial means to invest in more expensive camera equipment should consider adding an XTi to their camera bag. The weight of the XTi body alone makes it the perfect choice for a long day of shooting, and it’s also the ideal camera to take on vacation. In addition, I’ve put the camera’s rendering abilities to the test, and been able to make high-quality prints that were much larger than 18″x24″ without any signs of graininess. The XTi also has no difficulty keeping up with me, and my photo shoots typically require taking a large quantity of photos in a row. As long as I’m using a Compact Flash card that has a fast writing speed then I don’t encounter any issues.

In a world that emphasizes always buying the latest electronics, I’m proud to still be using an XTi, and I highly recommend it to both novice and professional photographers. The money that you’ll save on the camera body will enable you to invest in better lenses, and this tradeoff is more than worth it. The next time you’re in the market for a new camera, or for an additional body for your camera bag, consider picking up the Canon Digital Rebel XTi.

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Derek Snyder has been photographing for over 7 years and has been busy doing freelance work for models, brides, and families.