Canon Announces the ELPH 520 HS- The Thinnest 12X Camera in the World 0

It’s no mystery that compact camera sales have suffered. With smarphones introducing a whole new category of photography, it’s beginning to seem more and more pointless to drop the money on point-and-shoots that many believe offer little added benefit.

In response to this attitude, and the subsequent drop in sales many major manufacturers are experiencing, Canon has announced their new ELPH 520 HF (or IXUS 500 HS in Europe) compact – the thinnest 12x zoom camera in the world.

Attractive design aside, the ELPH 520 HF is a statement by Canon that the point-and-shoot camera is here to stay, and it’s doing it in style. The camera boasts a 10.1MP CMOS sensor, 12x optical zoom and Canon’s own Digic 5 processor which will improve the camera’s low-light capabilities, auto white balance, speed, and responsiveness. The most impressive feat, however, is the size; as Canon has managed to shrink the camera down to a measly 19.2mm thick.

It will take $300 and a two month wait to get your hands on this compelling point-and-shoot, but if that seems a bit steep Canon has also released a scaled down ELPH 110HS (IXUS 125 HS in Europe), which features a 16.1MP CMOS sensor, 5x optical zoom, a February release, and a slimmer price tag of $250.

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