Canon Announces Firmware Update for the EOS 7D 0

Canon announced some very exciting news! There is an upcoming release of Firmware Version 2.0X for the Canon 7D. Dubbed as “The Next Evolution”, 2.0 X gives the 7D quite a performance increase.  It isn’t so much an update to correct issues like they did with the Canon 5D Mark III, but rather to bring the 7D more up to date with recent camera technology developments.

The Canon 7D, is one of the most popular APS-C DSLRs on the market today, and with this upgrade, will most likely become even more popular. There is a benefit for all kinds of users: RAW shooters, geo-taggers, and videographers.

A Breakdown of the New EOS 7d Firmware

  • Higher Maximum Burst Rate

The Canon 7D will retain it’s frame rate of 8fps but will get increased burst rate moving from 15 up to 25 frames while shooting RAW and 126 frames up to 130 frames when shooting JPG.  If you’re the kind of photographer who likes to hold down the shutter, this update will make you smile.

  • In-camera RAW Image Processing

This sounds like a pretty exciting new feature, especially for die-hard RAW shooters (like me & my hubby), it allows certain adjustments and edits be applied to the RAW file IN the camera, without a computer! Image-editing parameters such as White Balance, High ISO Noise Reduction, Color Space, Lens Correction (to name a few) can be applied without having to import the images to the computer. However, I would like to note that it is unclear if these edits will carry over to other editing programs (like Adobe Lightroom for example) when the images are imported into a computer eventually. Hopefully that information becomes clarified soon.

  • Compatibility with Canon® GPS Receiver GP-E2

For those who are fans of geo-tagging and mapping, this will be a fun feature! And if you don’t own the GP-E2, maybe this will prompt you to buy it. The GP-E2 attaches to the camera’s hotshoe (or can be tethered via USB) and basically records latitude, longitude, altitude, and direction; allowing the photographer’s route to be mapped – the GP-E2 comes with software to create these maps. For the outdoor or traveling photographer this could be a very cool thing to add on to your photography experiences.

  • Manual Audio Level Adjustment

For those photographers who use the video part of the 7D, this update will make you happy: 2.0 X enables the sound recording levels to be controlled manually – with 64 levels. To make this easier and more mistake-proof, an icon is displayed on the screen to indicate that manual sound recording is occurring.

Some extra updates include: ability to rate images in the camera, time zone settings, customization of the file names, in-camera JPEG resizing. For more details on the new features, check out this chart:

These newly added features from this update are actually user-requested innovations. Thumbs up to Canon for being good listeners! Version 2.0 X is scheduled to be available in August, free of charge, at Canon’s website. So, check back in a month, fellow 7D users!

[via Canon USA]