Canon 7D Mark II Specs – Rumor Mill 0

The canon 7D Mark II specs haven’t been announced yet but rumors about the camera are heating up and small holes in the spec list are being filled in – if we are to believe the rumors that is.  CanonRumors reported that Canon is planning on announcing four additional DSLR cameras this year, the Canon 7D mark II likely being one of those.

The latest spec rumor suggests that the Canon 7D Mark II will be a full frame camera and position itself as the new entry level camera for a full frame sensor.  I like the sounds of that.

The remaining three cameras on the release list are rumored to be a Canon mirrorless camera, an additional 1D series body camera (Canon 5DX anyone?), and a prosumer APS-C camera, the Canon 70D.

Canon 7D Mark II Specs

specs are a little thin but we’ll update this list as we learn more.

  • Sensor: Full Frame
  • Resolution: unkown – probably around 22MP

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