Canon 5DX – Rumor Mill 14

Update – 14. Sept. 2012 – I’ve put off updating this post for a while because rumors were flying in every direction and they seemed to be as much about wishful thinking / guessing as they were about actual facts.  New information about the rumored high megapixel camera is surfacing and we may see something official from Canon as early as next month.  Many are claiming the camera will be named 3D (confusing) or 4D (not popular amongst the Japanese), I’m still voting for 5DX.


Current 5DX Rumored Specs

  • Announcement Date: ?
  • Resolution: 46.1 MP
  • ISO: 100-12800
  • Frame Rate: 5 fps
  • Processor: Digic 5
  • Focus Points: 61
  • Release Date: Summer 2013
  • Salt Required: plenty

Rumor History


The 5Dx rumors have been pretty quiet recently and more rumors are pointing towards a Canon 3D camera.  There is talk of another full frame camera coming out in 2012 but whether it’s called the 5DX or 3D is still in the realm of wild guesses.  I think it still makes sense to come out with a 5DX as that has been Canon’s naming convention this year.


More confirmation today that the 5D line will be split into two cameras – the 5D mark III and the 5DX.  The 5Dx is revealing itself to be the big MP camera everyone has been waiting for, with the 5D Mark III jumping in at a modest 22MP.  These rumors, as reported by NorthLight Images, come from a Chinese camera shop that already has pages for the two cameras.  [Canon 5D Mark III] [Canon 5DX]  The authority of the Chinese site is still pretty questionable, but it has certainly peaked my interest (and hope). via [NL]


The new 5D Mark II replacement camera is rumored to be announced very soon (February 28) – and as much as we think we know about the camera (22 MP, 61 pt focus, 6.9fps etc), we still don’t know the name. There are a number of strong indications, however, that the new camera will indeed be called Canon EOS 5DX as opposed to following the current naming convention of 5D Mark III.

Canon’s two previous flagship cameras, the Canon EOS 1D Mark IV and Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III, were recently merged into a single Canon EOS 1Dx.  Canon’s upper level P&S camera (Powershot G series), which many pros use when they need something small, transitioned from G10, G11, and G12 to the current Canon Powershot G1X.  If Canon DOESN’T name the new 5D camera ‘X’, I’ll be surprised.  However, that still leaves us with one last question.  Will there be a high megapixel camera from Canon to compete with the Nikon D800? And if so, what will it be called?  Perhaps both sides of the argument are correct and we’ll end up with a 5DX and a Mark III.  Or, perhaps the fabeled 3D will show its face.  10 days to go before we find out.  Stay posted.

What do you think the new 5D will be called?