Canon 5D Mark III – High Res Photo 1

The new Canon 5D Mark III (or possibly a 7D) was recently spotted on an African SafariStephen Oachs, the photographer who spotted the camera, posted his ‘spy shots’ on his blog.  After accusations that the photos were fake, altered and quite simply, not the real deal, he posted the RAW files in all their high res glory.  After studying said photos, I altered a current Canon 7D to match the camera in the spy shots creating a mash up of the new 5D Mark III.  It isn’t perfect but it gives a pretty good idea what the new camera may look like.


Canon 5D Mark III

The similarity between the mystery camera and the current 7D are very apparent, however the lack of on camera flash strongly suggest it’s the new 5D (or perhaps a new camera altogether?) Either way, I’m sure we’ll find out soon.

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