Canon 5D Mark III Goes Deep With New Aquatech Underwater Housing 0

We’ve previously reported about Hugyfot’s underwater housing prototypes for the Nikon D800 and D4. And now, it’s time for the Canon 5D Mark III to go diving as Aquatech recently announced the new DC5-V3 Sport Housing.

The DC5-V3 features a reliable, responsive, and lightweight underwater housing for the 5D Mark III camera.

Here’s the DC5-V3 specs:

  • Shutter release
  • AF-ON
  • Quick menu
  • Play back
  • Main rear dial
  • Set
  • Multi control toggle
  • Video / Stills switcher
  • Record
  • Live view

Unlike the Hugyfot camera housings, the Aquatech DC5-V3 is already available in the market, with a price tag of $1895 USD. You can pick it up at BHPhoto who expect to have it by May 18.