Canon 3D – Rumor Roundup 1

2012-06-06 Update

The unicorns have wandered out of the forest again (see below) and more rumors of a mystery camera are being passed around.  The latest rumor talks about a camera being tested in the ‘Far East’.  The camera is a 1D series body but not a 1D camera.  Could it be the fabled 3D, the Canon 5DX, or simply a new sensor for an existing camera line, shoved in an existing camera body for test.  It’s anybody’s guess at this point.



Canon EOS 3D Specs

.. my thoughts in italics

  • 30+ megapixels, 1D-class body
  • Dual Digic5+ processors
  • 6 FPS
  • 4K movie recording function (what did I say about unicorn dreams?)
  • 61-point AF system, major functions same as 1DX
  • Equipped with flash (or speedlite transmitter) (pick one or the other rumor fairy.. but I can’t see a 1D body with a pop up flash)

Canon 3D Rumor History


The Canon 3D is like a unicorn.  It’s what fantasies are made of and what Canon photographers dream of late at night as they stare into the darkness.  If the fantasies and legends weren’t enough, the rumor trolls (perhaps fairies) occasionally feed the dream with tidbits of information that may or may not be true.  To me, the talk and specs of a possible 3D seem to take whatever shape and size the rumor source feels is the ‘ultimate Canon camera’

The most recent rumor started on a Pentax Forum from a Japanese magazine which reported information about a new Canon 70D (at 24mp) and also slid in some information about a supposed Canon 3D.  Here are the proposed specs.  Obviously they are a little thin still.