Candidtag – Where Tourists and Photographers Unite 0

There are lots of ways for amateur photographers to make money online. In fact, the stock photography industry is booming, and many otherwise “non-professionals” are now trying their hand at photo composition and buying a great starter lens in an attempt to make an extra dollar or two.

Enter Candidtag; an entirely new, revolutionary way for those same photographers to take advantage of unprepared tourists roaming nearby. What the service allows you to do is set up a “collection” on the Candidtag website where you post and tag photos you’ve offered to take for the couple without the camera, or the parents and their new baby at the park. You can then point your new clients to that collection where they can purchase prints or digital copies of the moments you offered to capture for them. Every time one of your leads pays off, you get commission on the sale.

The possibilities of this service haven’t really been explored yet, but it certainly seems like an idea that could take an amateur photographer to the next level, or maybe even get the stock photographer something to do during the occasional dry spell.

[Candidtag via PetaPixel]